Welcome to Santa Fe E-Mail List Reference Card, located on the servers at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

     The Santa Fe E-Mail List has been in existance for over 10 years now, and has over 330 on-line members. Once one joins the List, the email server sends out a reference card to help new members interact with it, and how to properly set-up incoming e-mails according to personal settings.

     The email server asks members to keep the reference card handy for future use, however once in a while there is a member who tires of the List, and wants to leave, however does not have the reference card handy. So in order to keep the unwanted traffic on the List to a minimum, the Reference Card is now available here, on-line, at QStation.org.

     For those who do not know about the Santa Fe List, and would like to join, send a message to listserv@unl.edu, with the following as the body:

subscribe santafe

PLEASE NOTE: santafe is ONE word!


Listserv Reference Card

**** Welcome to the SANTAFE Discussion Group ****

Your subscription to the SANTAFE list has been accepted.

Please save this message for future reference, especially if you are not
familiar with LISTSERV. This might look like a waste of disk space now,
but in 6 months you will be glad you saved this information when you
realize that you cannot remember what are the lists you are subscribed to,
or what is the command to leave the list to avoid filling up your mailbox
while you are on vacations. In fact, you should create a new mail folder
for subscription confirmation messages like this one, and for the "welcome
messages" from the list owners that you are will occasionally receive after
subscribingto a new list.

Some Features of Listserv:

Messages are sent to the LIST ADDRESS, which is santafe@unl.edu.

To post a message to the list, send the message to santafe@unl.edu.

All messages sent to this address will be distributed to all the addresses who are subscribed
to the SANTAFE list.

You must NEVER try to send a COMMAND to the "LIST ADDRESS" address, as it
would be distributed to ALL the people who have subscribed. All commands
must be sent to the listserv@unl.edu address.

  • To get more information pertaining to using the list server
    running this list, send e-mail to listserv@unl.edu and place


    as the body of the text. This should be the only word in the message.

  • To postpone your receiving mail from the group, send mail to
    listserv@unl.edu and place

    set santafe mail postpone

    as the body of the message. To start receiving messages after postponing
    them, again send mail to listserv@unl.edu with

    set santafe mail ack


    set santafe mail noack

    as the message. The "ack" tells listserver to send you a copy of messages
    you personally post, "noack" does not send you copies of your posts.

  • To change your receiving mail individually to digest form, send mail to:
    listserv@unl.edu and place

    set santafe mail digest

    as the message. You will then receive posted messages in a collection
    rather than individually.

  • To get a table of members on the list, and their receiving status, send e-mail to listserv@unl.edu and put

    recipients santafe

    as the message.

  • Finally, to unsubscribe from the list, send mail to listserv@unl.edu with

    unsubscribe santafe

    in the body of the message. You will no longer receive mail from the
    group and cannot send mail to the group.

  • Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can get a
    list of the available archive files by sending an

    index santafe

    command to LISTSERV. You can then order these files with a

    get santafe logxxxx

    command, where xxxxx denotes the numbers after LOG. For example, you may see LOG9501.


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