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      Santa Fe purchased the William Barstow Strong new as Coach Bar Lounge Car #1397. It was later rebuilt as a Track Inspection Car, and on 9 April 1975, was renumbered to ATSF #89, and given the name William Barstow Strong.

      In August 1990, the car was again rebuilt into a Theatre Lounge Car, and within the Santa Fe was more commonly known as the William B. Strong. For a look inside the car, click here

      ATSF #89 was changed within the BNSF renumbering system to BNA #89 on 12 January 1996. Then on 2 July 1998, it was renumbered as BNSF #32, which is still valid today.

      BNSF #32 has a total seating capacity of 48 people, split between the Lounge section which holds 20 passengers, and the Observation area which holds 28 passengers.

      The car's exterior composition is stainless steel fluting over corten steel.


Lot # 96902 Total Weight 124,940 lbs. Truck Weight 41,000 lbs.
Length (over coupler faces) 79' 8" Length (over framing) 77' 6" Length (over truck centers) 54' 2"
Truck Centers 9' 0" Frame to Truck Center 11' 8" Coupler to ground height 34 1/2"
Height 13' 6 1/4" Width 10' 0" Coupler length 13"

The following GIFs have been drawn to represent the car in its current BNSF livery:

The drawings are from Erik's Train GIF Clipart website, and are used by permission.



ATSF #89 ATSF #89 ATSF #89
Click for full size
Lubbock, TX
From the A.B.P.R. Archive


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Peoria, IL
From the A.B.P.R. Archive


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Front view - Richmond, CA
From the A.B.P.R. Archive


ATSF #89
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Hanford, CA - December 1992
By Don Bowen
Part of the Don Bowen Collection


ATSF #89 - Model ATSF #89 - Model ATSF #89 - Model
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The model of car 89 is based
on a nickel-plated brass import
by Samhongsa.


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A partial interior was installed
including a stair-stepped floor from
.040" styrene, and Precision
Scale passenger car seats.


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Several figures were placed in
the theatre seating, including "suits"
and a foamer photographer. The
Precision Scale seat backs were
made taller by adding a top bolster
from a second seat.


ATSF #89 - Model ATSF #89 - Model ATSF #89 - Model
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The left warning light and two track
lights were illuminated with 1.5V bulbs,
powered by a AA battery mounted in
the forward section of the car.


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Notice the "window shade" in the
forward left side window - this
hides the AA battery concealed


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The front of the car received
small red MV lenses in the marker
lamps - these do not light up.


ATSF #89 - Model ATSF #89 - Model
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A bank of small rocker switches
mounted in the car floor control
the lights; the red warning light
can be turned on separately from
the two track lights. The spare switch
may be used for interior lights in
the future.


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The car is shown on the Northern
California's Free-Mo layout at the SFH&MS
2002 Convention July 2002.


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