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      Welcome to the Atlas Dash 8-40BW HO Scale Review by Eric Goodman website. In 2002, when this particular HO scale locomotive model appeared, Eric Goodman wrote a review on the model. QStation has been granted permission to host the review as a reference. QStation would like to thank Eric Goodman for the review, and for the permission to host the information.

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The Review

      For those modeling the Super Fleet era, your ship has come in. Atlas has followed up there highly detailed 8-40B model with the one-of-a-kind Santa Fe 8-40BW. This model has achieved a level of quality that was only previously available by conducting a major kitbash or by buying a brass model. For a $139.95 MSRP, one can have an excellent out of the box model that captures the prototypes powerful looks.

      When the 8-40BW's began to arrive on the Santa Fe in late 1990 they were immediately assigned to the systems hottest trains such as the 199/991 and the Q-NYLA/LANY. Santa Fe initially purchased 60 of the 4,000 horsepower units numbered 500-559, these units are identified by having the standard GE cab. In 1992 ATSF ordered an additional 22 units numbered 560-582. This second order had several changes from the original order including being rated at 3,800 horsepower and having a modified 'Gull Wing" cab that would become the standard cab for all subsequent GE purchases by the Santa Fe.

      Following Atlas's recent releases the model features a DCC decoder equipped locomotive in two roadnumbers as well as an un-numbered version in the standard cab. The model features many details that were previously only available through the detail part manufacturers, the air tank and air dryer detail is a very nice touch. The paint and lettering is crisp, even along the warbonnet. The grab irons are formed wire all correctly painted to match the prototype. Non-operational ditch light castings and lenses are mounted below the anticlimber.

      I found that the model was done extremely well with only some minor detail inaccuracies. The frame of the locomotive is painted black, the prototype has a silver frame. The only way to correct this is to completely strip the locomotive to the bare frame and airbrush it silver. The snowplow is incorrect, it needs to be replaced with the Details West PL-255 plow. Also missing is the weld seam that runs up and over the nose of the locomotive. Despite these minor inaccuracies the model is about 95% correct straight out of the box.

      I have been told that a second run of these locomotives is planned for later on in 2002, so if you missed the boat the first time around place your advance orders now. For modelers wanting a 'gull-wing" cab version of the locomotive you can buy the un-numbered BNSF gull-wing version. Atlas made this locomotive without the cigar band, roadnumber, and lettering allowing the modeler to decal this version to fit their needs. These models are perfect for the person wanting modern Santa Fe motive power for their layout.

Eric Goodman
30 January 2002


Model Photo Gallery

ATSF #502 ATSF #502 ATSF #502
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Left Overhead Profile


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Right Overhead Profile


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Right Front Fuel Tank


ATSF #502 ATSF #502
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Right Front Profile


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Left Side Profile


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